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Property Management - I started with an owner 10 years ago and I was only recording the books at that time, well he became ill, my duties increased quickly. And so, my property management career began... It started with 1 owner and 6 properties, then it was 2 owners and 20 properties. Since it began some have sold and others have joined my listings. I currently am managing 13 houses/duplexes in 4 towns in Sussex County.

Please contact me if you are interested in listing your rental with me.

If you are looking for a place to live, check out what I have available for rent today

Delmar - 1 house available April 15, 2019

Laurel - 1 unit in a duplex available April 1st, 2019

Georgetown - Nothing currently available

Frankford - Nothing currently available



35018 Horsey Church Rd

Delmar,DE 19940

3 bed

2 bath


attached 2 car garage

1 acre of land

$1200 a month

604 A West St

Laurel, DE 19956

3 bed

2 bath

2 story unit in a duplex

Small backyard and deck

$975 a month Copyright © 2019

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