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Jessica Parker and Star, American Saddlebred

I have been training horses off and on, for the last 8 years. I can ride English and Western, and working on lower level Dressage.

I had an American Saddlebred in for training. This mare was wonderful to ride and willing to do just about anything you ask of her. This mare has now returned home, but I am still working with her and her owner. We can be found at 4-H shows in Centreville, MD.

I have just begun working with 2 horses that have seperation anixety. I work with each one individually on their ground manners, and working farther from the farm each time. Soon I am planning on riding them some, but my philsophy if you can not do something from the ground, you will not get it by riding them.


Jessica Parker and Star, American Saddlebred

Services Available:

  • 1 Free Consultation and Evaluation of the horse, to discuss what you are interested in
  • Price determined by each individual case

~ Riding a horse(to get back in shape,exercise, etc.)

starts at $25 per hour minimum

~Training a horse from start to finish or fixing a problem

starts at $30 per hour minimum

~Riding, Prepping for Show, and Competing

(available, please call or email me for details)

Jessica Parker, Ade and her horse Star Learning to stand tied to a trailer patiently is a challenge!


Horses that I have trained...

Harwich Dido and Jessica Parker long lining for the first time!!

Harwich Dido and Jessica Parker warming up for Mid A 2010Harwich Dido and Jessica Parker riding test B at Mid A 2010

Harwich Dido and Jessica Parker, showing off our ribbons!!

Harwich Dido

I started this morgan mare from Laurel, DE when she was not quite 2 years old. We went to Old Dominion Horse show in Lexington, VA and placed 2nd in both Sport Horse Suitability and Trail in-hand.

We started riding and made it to our first dressage show in May 2010. She had only been riding for a few months and was only her second time every leaving the farm. As you can see from the pictures we did very well and had an awesome time! Below are the show results:

Sport horse Suitability ::2nd Place

Intro test A :: 3rd Place

Intro test A :: 2nd Place

Intro test B :: 2nd Place

Intro test B :: 1st Place

Below I have included an excerpt from the breeder of the morgan mare, Missalette Farms out of VA.

"She found a perfect match in Jessica Parker to bring this filly along in her training. This young pair has bonded, and “Jessie” did a fabulous job at her first “A” show with Dido.

Starting out with a second in Sport Horse Suitability Three & Under, they then proceeded into four Introductory Dressage tests. This is where Dido’s sire’s genes shone! Jessie rode three-year-old Dido to a third place out of ten on day one, and on day two, they placed second in their first test and first in the last one! Practice made perfect – they were a thrill to watch."

Here is the link to their page if you would like to read the whole write up:

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